Top 5 Cities to Visit During EURO 2024

UEFA EURO 2024 will take place this summer in several world-class stadiums throughout Germany. It will be the first major football tournament in the country since the 2006 FIFA World Cup, so if you’re in or near any of the official EURO 2024 host cities, you won’t want to miss out.

If you plan to catch a live match, you will have approximately 10 EURO 2024 host cities to choose from. Of course, if you can only choose one EURO 20204 location, it should be one of the five below.

    1. Berlin

    Berlin is Germany’s capital and one of the country’s most rousing cities. Here, you’ll find tons of tourist attractions, incredible history, and surprising culture that will sweep you off your feet. 

    The Olympic Stadium will serve as the venue for EURO 2024, where several important matches will take place between 15 June and 14 July.

    IMAGO / Arnulf Hettrich | World time clock at Alexanderplatz Berlin

    IMAGO / Hohlfeld | The Molecule Man in the Spree at the intersection of the Berlin districts Friedrichshain Treptow and Kreuzberg
    IMAGO / Olaf Schuelke | View of the Berlin Cathedral and the east facade of the Humboldt Forum in the rebuilt Berlin Palace on Museum Island along the Spree River in the Mitte district.
    IMAGO / camera4+ | Berliner Olympiastadion, Bundesliga DFL Hertha BSC

    2. Düsseldorf

    Düsseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia and is known for many things. Of course, among the most popular is Altstadt (Old Town), which is home to over 250 beer houses and restaurants.

    The Düsseldorf Arena is one of the smaller stadiums that will be hosting EURO 2024 matches. However, it’s guaranteed that the entire city will be in celebration of the matches scheduled between June 17 and July 6.

    IMAGO / Jochen Tack | Media Harbour, Düsseldorf. Old and modern architecture in the former port.

    IMAGO / Shotshop  | Tonhalle Dusseldorf.

    IMAGO / Zoonar / Stefan Ziesex | Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus  

    IMAGO / Hans Blossey | MERKUR SPIEL ARENA Football stadium, Düsseldorf

    3. Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is a bustling hub for commerce and finance, but it’s also home to over 20 museums and an incredible skyline that has earned it the nickname Mainhattan. Being such a large city, there’s an endless amount of entertainment to suit all types of people.

    The Frankfurt Arena has been hosting football matches since 1925, including the 2006 World Cup and 1988 UEFA Championship. As one of the most popular 2024 EURO host cities, you’ll want to visit between June 17 and July 1.

    IMAGO / Panthermedia  | Frankfurt at sunset

    IMAGO / Westend61 | Germany, Frankfurt, Old buildings and statue on Romerberg square

    IMAGO / Panthermedia / neofelizz | Frankfurt skyline at night with colorful reflections in the main river

    IMAGO / osnapix | Deutsche Bank Park.

    4. Hamburg

    Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany. It’s well-known for its art scene, nightlife, and especially its music scene, as the city is intrinsically linked to the early days of The Beatles — before they became internationally famous. 

    The Volksparkstadiom Hamburg will be a very popular EURO 2024 location. It’s an iconic landmark within the city, known for its history of sporting events and concerts. Between June 16 and July 5, you’ll be able to catch several exciting playoff matches here.

    IMAGO / Westend61 |  Lighted Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Hamburg, Germany

    MAGO / Westend61 |  Germany, Hamburg, Bridge over the canal in Speicherstadt district

    IMAGO / Westend61 |  Germany, Hamburg, Ships at St. Pauli landing stages
    IMAGO / Waldmüller |  The Volkspark Stadium in Hamburg

    5. Munich

    Munich is an internationally famous place thanks to its breweries and the Reinheitsgebot (beer purity law). Of course, it’s also the original home of Germany’s most popular festival: Oktoberfest! The city is also a spirited destination for its historical sites, beautiful castles, and exciting nightlife.

    The Munich Football Arena (Allianz Arena) is also a famous landmark due to its capacity and futuristic appearance. If you come to Munich between June 16 and July 9, you'll have the opportunity to see Germany vs. Scotland, among plenty of other exciting matches.

    MAGO / allOver |  Germany, Munich, football stadium, Allianz Arena

    MAGO / imagebroker | Marienplatz and new town hall, Munich, Bavaria

    MAGO / Westend61 |  Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Drone view of Propylaea city gate

    EURO 2024 is an important event for football fans worldwide. In addition to the five popular locations listed above, Germany will have plenty of incredible Euro 2024 host cities to visit. Regardless of where you choose to catch a match and celebrate, you’ll likely come home with unforgettable memories.

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