UEFA EURO 2024 Nations Portraits: A Group-by-Group Showcase

As Euro 2024 draws near, the excitement extends beyond the matches to the players representing each participating nation. At IMAGO, we've curated a collection of player portraits from these teams, carefully selected by our picture editors and organized into groups of the initial phase of the tournament. These collections are not only visually stunning but also of the highest quality. Each portrait is chosen to encapsulate the essence of the player and the spirit of their team, offering a comprehensive array of images.


    Portraits of Group A

    Germany, Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland
    EURO 2024 Group A


    Portraits of Group B

    Spain, Croatia, Italy and Albania

    EURO 2024 Group B


    Portraits of Group C

    Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia and England

    EURO 2024 Group C


    Portraits of Group D

    Poland, Netherlands, Austria and France

    EURO 2024 Group D


    Portraits of Group E

    Belgium, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine 

    EURO 2024 Group E


    Portraits of Group F

    Turkey, Georgia, Portugal and Czechia
    EURO 2024 Group F


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