4 Lifestyle Photography Tips for Magazine and Blog Editors

Lifestyle photography is undoubtedly one of the most popular directions among photographers who are always looking for new challenges and creative opportunities. This involves capturing people in a wide variety of situations in their everyday lives in an artistic way. Typically, the focus is on families, groups of friends or couples. But even if a shoot is planned, the main aim of a lifestyle photo series is always the authentic portrayal of honest, beautiful and spontaneous moments.

In addition to photography, the topic of lifestyle also enjoys great popularity in the media world. It is therefore no wonder that almost every magazine and blog has its own section dedicated to it. However, a successful article requires not only good text, but also suitable images to make the article visually appealing. In the following, we would like to introduce you to four lifestyle photo trends and help you choose the right images for your next lifestyle publication.


1. Authentic instead of staged

When it comes to writing about wedding tips, fitness trends, ideas for family outings, or new recipes for a garden brunch with friends, it's crucial that the accompanying images feel real to the reader. In this day and age, people crave real moments and natural expressions. Therefore, the people depicted should not pose excessively or smile too posed. The photos should look as if the photographer has captured the real moments unobtrusively as if they were not even present. The best lifestyle photos are those that capture reality and invite the viewer to bring back their memories. It's all about creating images that create an emotional connection and make the reader want to find themselves in the scene.

So, next time you're writing an article on lifestyle topics, remember to choose authentic images that reflect reality and take the reader on a journey through real, genuine moments.


Couple on beach cuddling with coffee       young adult friends drinking and enjoying rooftop party

mother lying with her son in bed       beach party teenage friends running on a beach with fireworks

IMAGO / Image Source, IMAGO / Science Photo Library, IMAGO / Addictive Stock, IMAGO / YAY Images


2. Use of natural light

In contrast to portrait photos or studio shots, where the light is often controlled and precisely adjusted, natural light is often preferred for lifestyle photos in order to make the scenes appear more authentic, as already described in the first point. It is therefore advisable to select images that were taken in daylight and ideally outdoors. For example, lifestyle images can be shot during the golden hour when perfect lighting conditions prevail to capture these joyful moments.


women outdoor fitness class on the green grass      active senior friends enjoying garden party
girlfriends sitting together looking at digital camera and laughing       smiling man floating in swimming pool

a happy family of three on the sand dunes of the baltic sea        couple in the park on summer day

IMAGO / Zoonar, IMAGO / Science Photo Library, IMAGO / Image Source, IMAGO / Tetra Images, IMAGO / YAY Images, IMAGO / YAY Images


3. Vintage Aesthetic 

The current revival of analog photography is particularly evident on various social media platforms, where numerous analog snapshots are shared by photographers and photography enthusiasts. The integration of this vintage style into lifestyle images not only evokes nostalgic feelings but also leaves readers with very special emotions. For this reason, we recommend selecting images that convey this vintage aesthetic feel, whether through actual analog photography or digital editing techniques.


young woman in checkered shirt and casual clothes taking photos with an analog camera in the field       old analogue picture with a man     rearview shot of a group of friends admiring a view while sitting outside        stylish boho woman standing on a car

IMAGO / Addictive Stock, IMAGO / Panthermedia, IMAGO / YAY Images, IMAGO / Addictive Stock


4. Storytelling with Lifestyle-Images

Although the main aim of lifestyle imagery is to portray people's lives, elements of product, fashion, or landscape photography are also often incorporated into lifestyle series. For example, the popularity and use of product imagery are increasing as brands today want to market their products - cosmetics, handbags, jewelry, or clothing - in a way that customers can feel the identity of the brand and the lifestyle associated with it. It is therefore important to select images that tell a story.

For example, for a new cosmetic face mask that you might be writing an article about, visual media should be used that doesn't just show the product against a plain background. Instead, you could choose a picture of a model freshening up in the morning and applying the mask. This shows the product in a vivid, everyday context, making it more tangible and appealing to people. They can identify better with the situation and are more likely to develop the desire to try the product themselves.


   girl doing her skincare routine in the morning       girlfriends brushing teeths together in the bathroom with facemask on

mother puts facemask on daugthers face

girl with facemask on

IMAGO / Zoonar, IMAGO / Pond5 Images, IMAGO / Pond5 Images, IMAGO / YAY Images



Overall, it's evident that selecting the appropriate lifestyle photos can significantly influence how the narrative of an article resonates with readers. By adhering to four key principles - authenticity, natural light, a vintage aesthetic, and storytelling through imagery - one can truly make a lasting impression.

We hope that our four short but helpful tips for selecting lifestyle images will inspire you for your next blog article or magazine feature. No matter what topic you're covering, you'll find the right images at IMAGO. Discover our extensive collection of lifestyle images that perfectly complement any topic here.


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