EURO 2024 Cities and Their Iconic Stadiums

As football fans across Europe and the world turn their eyes towards Germany for EURO 2024, the tournament promises not just top-tier football action but also a showcase of some of the continent's most iconic stadiums, nestled in cities rich with history, culture, and a deep-rooted love for the game.

Who Hosts EURO 2024?

Germany has been chosen to host EURO 2024, marking a significant event in the country's football calendar. Known for its world-class infrastructure and deep-rooted football culture, Germany is set to welcome fans from around the globe to experience the excitement of European football at its finest.


What Stadiums Will Host EURO 2024 Matches?

The EURO 2024 Germany stadiums include some of the most famous and architecturally impressive arenas in the world:

Berlin: Olympiastadion

With a capacity of 74,461, is known for hosting the 2006 World Cup final​​.

Berlin Olympiastadion


Munich: Munich Football Arena, Allianz Arena

Can hold up to 70,076 spectators and is recognized for its unique architecture and being the home of FC Bayern Munich.

Munich Allianz Arena


Dortmund: BVB Stadion Dortmund, Signal-Iduna-Park

Home to Borussia Dortmund, has a capacity of 81,365 and is famous for the "Yellow Wall", a large terrace for standing spectators. A recent analysis by gominga indicated that Signal Iduna Park is the most loved European football stadium based on fan reviews, which is a testament to its exceptional ambience and the strong connection fans feel with the venue.

Dortmund BVB Stadion


Stuttgart: Stuttgart Arena, MHPArena

With a seating capacity of 54,906.

Stuttgart Arena


Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke, Veltins-Arena

Schalke's home, with a capacity of 62,271, is known for its retractable roof and is the largest video cube in Europe.

Gelsenkirchen Veltins Arena


Frankfurt: Frankfurt Arena, Deutsche Bank Park

It can accommodate 51,500 fans and has been modernized several times to bring fans closer to the action.

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Park


Hamburg: Volksparkstadion

Holding 57,000, is known for its transformation into a pure football stadium without a running track​.

Hamburg Volksparkstadion


Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf Arena, Merkur Spiel-Arena

 With a capacity of 51,031, serves as the home for Fortuna Düsseldorf​​​​.

Düsserldorf Merkur Spiel-Arena


Cologne: Cologne Stadium, RheinEnergieSTADION

Capable of hosting 50,000 spectators, it is notable for its illuminated towers that can light up in various colors.

Cologne RheinEnergieStadion


Leipzig - Leipzig Stadium, Red Bull Arena

The smallest venue, with a capacity of 42,959, is known for its vibrant atmosphere.

Leipzig Red Bull Arena



When and where is the EURO 2024 Final?

The culmination of EURO 2024, the final match, is a highly anticipated event scheduled to take place in Berlin's Olympiastadion on Sunday, 14 July. This iconic location promises a fitting finale to a tournament that captures the essence of European football.

imago1031170588h 1IMAGO / Eibner-Pressefoto / Stephanie Zerb

Why Germany?

Hosting EURO 2024 in Germany means not just showcasing top-tier football but also offering visitors a chance to experience Germany's rich culture, efficiency, and hospitality. The country's central location in Europe also makes it accessible for fans traveling from all corners of the continent.

EURO 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the football world, with Germany providing the perfect backdrop. The tournament's success will hinge not just on the matches played but on the experiences offered by each host city and their stadiums. For football fans around the globe, EURO 2024 offers the perfect blend of sport and spectacle, promising memories that will last a lifetime.




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