The Creative Jerseys of the EURO Over Time and Their Influence on Fans

As teams begin to showcase their EURO 2024 kits, it's the perfect moment to dive into the UEFA EURO history. Over the years, the uniforms worn by nations and their ardent fans have evolved from merely functional attire into symbols of national pride and creativity. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to revisit some of the most eye-catching kits that have graced the European Championship.


The Rise of Style in Sportswear

Historically, EURO jerseys were straightforward, focusing on basic colours and designs that represented national flags or emblems. However, as the decades passed, these kits transformed. As time progressed, particularly throughout the 1980s and 1990s, a significant shift occurred. Designs became bolder, colours more vibrant, and patterns more complex, reflecting the vibrant cultures of the participating nations.

Germany EURO 1988IMAGO / Sportfoto Rudel

UEFA European Championship 1992 in Sweden, Final, Denmark DFB Germany 2 0 Peter Schmeichel DenmarkIMAGO / Sportfoto Rudel


Memorable Moments in EURO Fashion

The Netherlands' vibrant orange jerseys have consistently captured attention with their striking presence. Another great example came in the form of the Danish kit in the 1984 EURO. Featuring a dynamic red and white design, this kit mirrored Denmark's national colours in a way that was both artistic and intimidating on the field.

EURO 1988 in Deutschland Finale Holland-Russland in MuenchenIMAGO / Laci Perenyi

Jose CAMACHO ESP fouls Michael LAUDRUP DAN EURO 1984 Denmark Jersey
IMAGO / Sven Simon


Another memorable uniform was worn by the French team in EURO 1984.  Their sleek, blue jerseys symbolised elegance and introduced a new era of fabric technology with lighter and more breathable materials.

PLATINI Michel Captain Team France EURO 1984 Jersey
IMAGO / Laci Perenyi


Extravagance and Flair 

Croatia's introduction of the checkered pattern in their 1996 EURO kits is a standout example of how design can become a symbol of national pride. These bold red and white checks are now synonymous with Croatian football.

Croatia EURO 1996 JersayIMAGO / WEREK

The 2008 EURO saw one of the most eye-catching kits, with Spain’s rich red adorned with a streak of yellow, reflecting the fiery spirit and passion of Spanish football. This kit not only looked spectacular but also seemed to bring good fortune as Spain clinched the title that year.

Spain EURO 2008 JerseyIMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Fans Follow Suit

The creativity isn't limited to the players' uniforms. Fans have often mirrored their teams' extravagance or even taken it a step further. The stands during EURO tournaments are a riot of colours and creativity, adding to the festive atmosphere of the games.

England EURO 1972IMAGO / Colorsport

Romania Fans EURO 2000

IMAGO / ActionPictures

Croatia Fans 1996

IMAGO / Sven Simon

Netherland Fans EURO 1988

IMAGO / Sven Simon

EURO 2024 Kits

As EURO 2024 unfolds, we are eager to see how current designs will stand the test of time. Will they become iconic or simply memorable for their moment? One thing is certain: the creativity and spirit of both teams and fans alike will continue to make the EURO tournaments a spectacle of sport and style.

Belgium EURO 2024 JerseyIMAGO / Photo News

Germany EURO 2024 JerseyIMAGO / Revierfoto




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