When to use Model and Property Released Images

In the world of photography and digital content creation, understanding the nuances of model and property releases is crucial for both professionals and hobbyists alike. These legal documents are not just formalities; they are essential tools that protect photographers, videographers, subjects, and property owners. But when exactly should you use model and property-released images? 

This blog post delves into the what, why, and when of using images with the necessary releases.

Understanding Model and Property Releases

Before we dive into when to use these releases, let's clarify what they are:

Model Release:

A Model Release is a legal document signed by a person (usually the model) giving permission to a photographer or other party to use and distribute images or footage of them for specific purposes, including commercial use, advertising, or promotional materials. This release grants the rights to use the photos or footage in various forms, such as print, digital media, or video.


IMAGO / Addictive Stock / Adalberto Rodriguez | Portrait of a businessman in a hat looking at the camera while standing on a yellow wall on a summer day in town.

Property Release:

A property release is similar to a model release but pertains to the use of images or footage that include recognizable properties. This could be buildings, artworks, pets, or other private property. The property release is signed by the owner of the property, granting permission to use the images of the property for commercial or promotional purposes.

IMAGO / SuperStock / Stewart Cohen Pictures | Two Pilots, One Female and one male, standing next to a Jet on the tarmac of a small airport at sunset in Addison, Texas, USA.

Model and Property Releases are essential in protecting the rights of the individuals and property owners involved, ensuring that their likeness or property can be used in a manner they have agreed upon.


When to Use Model Released Images

Model releases are crucial in several scenarios, primarily revolving around commercial use. Here are key situations when you should ensure you have a model release:

Advertising and Marketing:

Anytime you plan to use an image for advertising products or services, a model release is necessary to avoid legal complications.

Commercial Websites and Social Media:

If you're using images to enhance the online presence of your business, model releases protect you against claims of privacy invasion or misuse of someone's likeness.

Publications and Broadcasts:

If the images or footage will be published in a book, magazine, or online publication that could be seen as endorsing or selling something, a model release is advisable.

Model Released Examples

imago0098107775hIMAGO / Cavan Images | Climbers share food during a backpacking trip.


When to Use Property Released Images

Property releases become necessary when the photographed property has an owner and the images are used for commercial purposes. Here are instances when you should have a property release:

Commercial Real Estate Photography:

Using images of buildings and private properties for commercial purposes requires permission from the property owner.

Featuring Artworks:

If your advertisement features artwork or sculptures, a property release is needed. 

High-Profile or Recognizable Properties: 

For properties that are widely recognized or have significant value, a property release helps avoid legal issues.

Property Released Examples by Categories

imago108559294IMAGO / MASKOT | Couple with luggage talking while standing at the doorway of hotel seen through the glass.


Where do you find Model and Property Released images?

Several reputable platforms are available when accessing a wide array of high-quality model/property released images. IMAGO offers extensive libraries of stock photos. It is a relevant destination for a seamless experience and diverse curated images. Providing top-notch visuals offers a one-stop solution for all your image needs. Whether searching for captivating lifestyle shots or dynamic sports imagery, IMAGO ensures you find the perfect image. When searching, select the filter "Model Released" in the filter bar in the Release Information.

model release


Where do you find the Released information in a selected image?

At IMAGO, information about Model/property releases is often provided by the photographers in metadata and displayed in the photo's description. However, if this information is absent or if you have any uncertainties, our customer service team is readily available to assist you with any further details you may require.

model released


More purchase advice and Information

Whenever you want to make an online purchase of one or more of our images, you can find more information about this topic on each of them in the section "RELEASE INFO: Model released. Do I need a release?"

model released

Additionally, if you find yourself needing further information about when or how to purchase images for your projects, reach out to our dedicated customer service team

For more tailored assistance or to discuss unique or large-scale projects, our sales managers are at your service. They offer personalized support, helping you navigate our extensive collection to find the perfect images that align with your project's vision and objectives.


Some other questions

What is a Release Form?

A Release Form is a legal document that grants permission from an individual or property owner to another party, allowing them to use the individual's likeness (in the case of a person) or an image of the property for specific purposes. This form is crucial in various fields such as photography, videography, and media production, ensuring that the use of images or footage is legally permitted and that all parties have agreed to the terms of usage.

Can a photo of a famous person be used for a commercial purpose?

As with the commercial use of images depicting a person with celebrities, obtaining explicit permission, recognizing their rights, and ensuring legal compliance is also imperative. Celebrities often possess robust rights over their image and likeness, protected under privacy and publicity laws. These rights allow them to control how their image is used for commercial gain. 



Understanding when to use model and property release images is crucial in navigating the legal landscape of content creation. These releases not only protect the rights of photographers and subjects but also ensure that the use of images is respectful and legally sound. 

*Note: This article is designed to inform the readers and provide a foundational overview of model and property releases. Please note that the information presented here serves as an introductory guide and should not be taken as legal advice. We strongly advise clients to seek counsel from a qualified legal advisor for their specific situations.




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