3 Easy Ways to Buy Images at IMAGO

Discover three ways of buying images at IMAGO, seamlessly tailored to your needs. Two of them are conveniently accessible on our Webshop, giving customers the flexibility to purchase Single Licenses or Packages. The third one involves engaging with a Sales Manager for a personalized experience. In this article, we will delve into each option, providing you with the necessary insights to make the right choice based on your specific requirements. Whether you're an occasional user or a frequent buyer, you'll find the perfect solution to meet your image needs.



In the webshop, customers can choose between two convenient options for buying images: the Single License and the Package. Both options provide the flexibility to use editorial or commercial images depending on your project's specific requirements. Within these options, customers can further customize their licenses to meet their needs, selecting between Rights-managed licenses exclusively for editorial content or Royalty-free licenses available at the Classic or Premium tiers, allowing for commercial and editorial use.

Regardless of the option chosen, clients can decide the purpose of use between Standard, used for web-only purposes, and Extended for web and print, with distinctions based on factors such as resolution, frequency of use and the desired platform, whether online or unlimited. This wide range of options ensures that customers can precisely tailor their licensing needs to the unique demands of their projects, providing a seamless and customizable experience in acquiring and using images.


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1. Webshop: Single License

When purchasing a Single License, clients select an option tailored for acquiring individual images, and the price is contingent upon the nature of the content and its intended use. The single license model provides clients with the flexibility to choose between Rights Managed and Royalty Free Classic or Premium, based on their specific project requirements. 


Single Licenses

When using this option, start by entering the desired topic in the search box. Next, select the image you wish to purchase, and finally, add it to the cart. 


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Once you add the image to the shopping cart, select the license type based on the image's potential uses and your intended purpose.


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While purchasing a single license, customers have the convenience of two different purchasing paths. One of these is registering as a user, which allows customers to create an account where all relevant information about their purchases and selected content is securely stored, and the possibility to create multiple collections through the “Lightbox” option. Alternatively, customers can opt for the quick guest purchasing option, where they complete the necessary billing information without needing to register an account. This guest checkout method is a fast and efficient means for one-time purchases.


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2. Webshop: Packages

The Package option offers customers the opportunity to purchase a number of credits that can be used for licenses available through the webshop, buying directly at the IMAGO pricing page. Each package comes with a validity of 365 days from the date of purchase. Different numbers of credits are needed to buy a distinct single license type. This alternative allows users to save up to 50% more money compared to purchasing a single license. This can be used by registered users only.


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3. Sales Manager 
We understand that your needs might be unique, perhaps because of higher volume or to use the media in a different light than mentioned on the webshop licenses. Our enterprise solution through Sales Manager can help you figure out the right contract based on your use. Choosing a sales manager turns a decision for clients looking for a personalized and efficient approach to meeting their image licensing needs. When customers interact with a sales manager to discuss their requirements and projects, a deep understanding of their unique needs is quickly achieved, making it easier to identify the most suitable license.

Clients benefit from having an individualized service and the opportunity to negotiate and establish personalized terms and conditions within contracts and agreements, promoting a flexible and competitive pricing structure. The role extends beyond mere transactions: Sales managers can help in research tasks to help customers find the right content. Post-purchase, the sales manager's commitment is reflected in enhanced after-sales services, ensuring prompt assistance with technical issues or other concerns, thereby cementing a smooth and supportive customer experience.




How to choose the best option?

IMAGO presents clients with a range of options, both through the webshop and interaction with a Sales Manager, ensuring a customized and smooth experience in obtaining and using images. The webshop features the Single License and Package choices, each tailored to distinct needs. The Single License, available for both registered users and guests, provides flexibility in selecting between editorial or commercial images. Conversely, the Package option, accessible only to registered users, offers a credit-based system for economical multiple-image purchases.

For those desiring a personalized approach, the Sales Manager route delivers comprehensive and efficient service, understanding requirements, negotiating terms, and offering heightened after-sales support for frequent purchases. Whether you're an occasional user or a frequent buyer, IMAGO provides an ideal solution for your image needs, with each option crafted to suit specific project demands and user preferences.



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